Our History

Camping together, our group of friends have become family.
Enjoy the outdoors

Take time to connect

We realize just how important real personal connection is. Many people have superficial friendships but rarely take the time to make the deeper connections. While camping, many of the daily distractions that keep us from forming those life-long meaningful friendships are removed, allowing us to focus on building the deep relationships that truly make people happy.

How it started

Over the years our group of camping friends have grown from a couple of close families to a large group who have become like family. We needed a place to add our camping trips, discuss group activities, and plan meals. We built this site to help not only connect you and your current camping friends but, also find new friends, activities, and great campsites.

In social camping you can share trip ideas, meal plans, activities, or start your own public or private camping group.

Cherish friendships
Meet new people

Our Purpose

To bring family and friends together to enjoy the outdoors, unplug, and connect.

Our group

Our group is made up of multiple families who love camping. We have diverse camping styles ranging from Class A motor homes, to sleeping in hammocks between the trees. What we all agree on is there is something special about getting out in the woods and enjoying time with each other.

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